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Equine Bridge Futurity Equine Bridge - the exciting new initiative from the British Equestrian Federation

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This short video takes you through how to enter your horse for a British Breeding Futurity evaluation. It explains what you need to know and how you should prepare for the day. It is very important that you view this video before you enter your horse.  Note that this is a YouTube video and viewing it will set a cookie on your computer. Click here for more information on cookies.
Futurity rules and guidelines can be found in our Factsheets at http://www.bef.co.uk/Detail.aspx?page=BEF-Futurity make sure you read them before making an entry.
Three year old horses and ponies are encouraged to attend for their final Futurity year as attaining a threshold premium will result in an invitation to the Futurity Equine Bridge selection day under saddle in the following year.
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2017 Events

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14 Aug Valeview EC, Leicestershire OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
15 Aug Richmond EC, North Yorkshire OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
16 Aug Myerscough College, Lancashire OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
18 Aug The College - Keysoe, Bedfordshire OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
19 Aug Writtle College, Essex OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
21 Aug Tall Trees Arena, Cornwall OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
22 Aug Hartpury College, Gloucestershire OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
23 Aug Solihull RC, West Midlands OPENING 01 Jul 2017   
30 Aug Catherston Stud, Hampshire OPENING 01 Jul 2017